Sidewalk Squashed Soup!

Now I know the title of this post doesn’t sound all that appealing, but trust me. It is honestly delicious!

If you’re anything like me and you try to live local at any chance you get, you will realize how unbelievable difficult that is to do in Edmonton, especially in February. On my weekly trek to the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market I began to peruse my usual booths for veggie essentials, only to quickly realize that supplies have slowly begun to dwindle. There was no more spinach or lettuce from Peas on Earth or even any sweet peppers from Riverbend Gardens. In fact, all I could find was a lot of potatoes, onion and cabbage… Slim picking. I guess that’s what you get when you try and live and eat local in Edmonton in February. *sigh*

That’s when I came across this beautiful buttercup squash. Realizing there was only about a week or two in the season left, I bought the biggest one I could find, and had big plans to turn it into yummy buttercup squash soup. I had made buttercup squash soup once during prime squash season in Alberta and Justin went ape-shit over it. He loved the simple yet hearty flavor, and so I endeavored to keep up locally healthy by pumping us full for squashy goodness for the week! Hmm!

Ok, first things first: You have to get the squash open. I remember the last time I tried to cut open a buttercup squash, I struggled over it for quite some time. Not this time! I recently watch a video on how to easily and painlessly break open a squash, unfortunately, because I can’t find the link, I will demonstrate in a series of photos!

Step 1: Find a baggie for your squash

Step 2: Put your Squash in the baggie.

Step 3: Go outside and smash it on the sidewalk.

Result: Perfect roasting size pieces, with little to no effort!

Next, scoop out all of the squash gunk, drizzle with a little olive oil and some of your favorite spices (I put paprika and of course… garlic!)

Now, roast it in the oven until the meat is begging to come off the skin (this took me about an hour – hour and a half)

While the squash is cooling, begin boiling your water for the stock (I used vegetable stock cubes. Super easy, but unfortunately, very salty. I always water the cubes down. Better yet, go and splurge and get the sodium reduced stock!) I used about 4 cups of watered down stock for this soup, but it really depends on how big your squash is. There is never any harm on eyeballing it!

When your stock is ready, scrape off the squash meat from the skin, and put it in the pot, let it bubble and boil for about 10-15 minds, then take it off the burner so that you can let it cool a bit. Then, using your trusty hand-blender, go at it until it is silky smooth! (A regular blender works too, in batches.)

We had this delicious soup for lunch with a local bagel from the farmer’s market. Delicious!

*Note: the larger the squash, the more leftovers you get. Justin was so happy at how much soup that poor squash made! 🙂


3 Comments on “Sidewalk Squashed Soup!”

  1. Justin DuVal says:

    And for the record, it was delicious. The hearty thickness and indescribable taste of butternut squash soup is addictive! Jacquie made this for me for the first time and my eyes literally popped – it is SO good!

  2. […] every day for the rest of my life, if Justin let me . Another great favorite around here is my roasted buttercup squash (probably Justin’s favorite meal of all time. His eyes bug out of his head every time he eats […]

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