Shitake Mushroom Tapenade

Mushrooms are probably one of my favorite vegetables. It’s actually pretty hard to put my finger on my favorite veggie, but Mushrooms are most definitely up there on the list. Since I haven’t tried too many variations of mushrooms, I figured it was about time I diversified my mushroom intake. I tried these shitake mushrooms in a stir fry earlier on in the week, and decided that their unique and rich flavor needed to be singled out, and so I decided to make an Asian mushroom tapenade.

Here are the Shitake’s, washed with stems removed. I read somewhere that you should never eat a Shitake Mushroom stem.

I diced them up nice and small, as a tapenade.

I sauteed them with a touch of cooking oil, and reduced sodium soy sauce. It brought out the flavor of the mushrooms in such a delightful way!

Serve on some crackers, as is. Enjoy!

Jacquie’s Shitake Mushroom Asian Tapenade

1 Pound Shitake Mushrooms, washed with stems removed (I got mine from Eat Local’s Good Food Box)

1 Teaspoon of cooking oil (I used Mighty Trio Organic’s Canola Oil)

1 Tablespoon of Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce

Dice mushrooms small. Saute with cooking oil until desired texture has been achieved, add soy sauce, cook until heated. Enjoy with your favorite crackers!


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