The Ultimate Burger

Hello folks and welcome back! I apologize profusely for my lack of blogging in the past week. Its been pretty busy here on my end.

I welcome you all back with one of my favorite warm weather summer foods: The Ultimate Burger. Everyone has a different version of their ultimate hamburger. Whether it be a turkey, mushroom, beef or veggie patty with Swiss, mortza, or cheddar cheese, anything goes, so long as you love the burger your biting in to. My version of the ultimate burger is a thick, juicy beefy patty (which is often be substituted with Blue Plate Diner‘s amazing veggie burger patties, which can be found in Eat Local First’s Good Food Box), smothered in sweet and savory BBQ sauce, topped with aged cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and sauteed red peppers, honey garlic mayo, lettuce and tomato. Yea, I’d call that the ultimate burger.

I’ve developped a fond love for local onions. They’re decently cheap at my regular haunt, the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market.

I left them alone to caramelize, with a tablespoon of butter, for about a half hour, while I got everything else ready for these tasty burgers.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to pick up any local burgers this time around, however we did have some local burgers on May long from Four Whistles Farms that were outstanding.

I love to make Honey Garlic Mayonnaise. It’s super simple and it adds so much to any sandwich or burger. I used local honey from Eat Local’s Good Food Box.

I mixed 1 tablespoon of local honey with one giant garlic glove and about 4 tablespoons of light mayonnaise and voila! delicious!

I was telling Justin this as we were cooking away: “There is a science to cooking the perfect burger.” Well I think there is, anyway. I usually fire the burgers on the grill, let them sit for about 2 minutes, then apply some Montreal Steak Spice. I let it cook some more, then the BBQ sauce goes on. I let the sauce seep into the burger on the grill, then its time to melt the cheese onto the patties. These were some gooood burgers.

Here’s Justin, the grill-master!

At the end of a hot summer’s day, this is really all I ever want to eat. No wonder my summers are not usually very healthy.

Here’s Justin waiting impatiently for me to finish snapping photos so we could eat. Tee hee!

The Ultimate Jacquie Burger. It’s always worth the wait, and the bells and whistles.

I would love to hear what you’re ultimate burger consists of! Please let me know!


One Comment on “The Ultimate Burger”

  1. This is SUCH a cute post!! Seriously delicious sounding stuff. No kidding, but m’mouth is watering. Your honey-garlic mayo sound perfect and am going to try. (still waiting for the chance to try your smoked salmon rolls and your delish scones w/ raspberry butter)

    I’ve had a recent liking to Original Joe’s Sgt. Pepper Burger and my love for the Beatles made me try and remaster it at home. Instead of basting my patty with bbq sauce, I mix Louisiana hot pepper sauce, tomato sauce and mustard in ratios of 2:1:0.5 *spiccy* .. and follow a similar procedure as yours with the basting done after about 2 mins of cooking.

    Important: freshly sliced tomatoes, lettuce or arugula, bleu cheese smothered on top of patty on the grill for half a minute, to temper the spice and (LOL) pickled peppers to increase the spice. Goes great with beer and a warm summer day.

    Q: I think I missed it, but where did you get those whole wheat burger buns from? (Bee Bell?)

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