Adventures of a First Time Gardener

I decided this year was high time for me to grow my own garden. I love local food, and so why shouldn’t I take the time to grow my own food, with the carbon footprint of 10 steps from my Garneau Home Kitchen? This is the first time I’ve ever grown anything in my life. Mylexandra can attest that I was highly reluctant, given my track record with household plants… I figured, hell, let’s give it a shot. It’s been an adventure so far!

We planted around the second weekend in May. I had many people telling me that was wayyy too early to plant, but I wanted to get going, so I planted, and really I’m happy I did, because it is now the second week of June, and my garden looks great!

I planted a few planters, and a few seeds. Here is my row of green beans.

I decided on fresh strawberries this year. Hmm.. Who doesn’t love handpicked fresh strawberries?

Here’s my little baby zucchini plant. She looks so cute and little…

Here’s the mint starter plant we planted. It was big to begin with. Wait until you see it after a month…

This is me, proudly watering my newly planted garden.

Note the size of the rhubarb plant in this picture. It’s nearly quadrupled in size since then!

Three weeks later

Three weeks later, I look my camera back into the garden, to snap some photos of the newly budding plants! These are sprouts of my newly budded red onions.

Don’t they look like they are trying so hard?

Here is the almost ripe, cutest little local strawberry I’ve ever seen.

A newly budded green bean plant.

Tiny buds of my baby lettuce.

Even tinier little spinach buds. They are all growing so well!

Two weeks later (present day)

With all the rain we’ve been having over the past week, my garden has exploded!!

Red onion heads. Mighty and awesome!

Here they are all growing in a row!

My strawberry plant, growing nice and strong!

My once baby zuchini plant, now huge!

The baby green beans, maturing quickly.

The massive mint plant. Mojitos, anyone?

The spinach row. Looking good!

The lettuce is not so baby anymore.

And the rhubarb. This is after having cut it down, twice! I feel like we might drown in rhubarb this summer!!

The teeniest tiniest green onion sprouts are doing so well! I am so happy for them!

Stay tuned for further adventures of a newbie gardener. 🙂


One Comment on “Adventures of a First Time Gardener”

  1. Joshua says:

    Im in the same boat. We’re trying our hand at gardening for the first time as well. Good luck with your veggies!

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