Campfire Breakfast Sandwiches

Hello Blogosphere! I am back from my camping vacation in BC. We toured around the Kooteney area and ate a lot of campfire food. I wanted to share with you the best campfire food recipe you could ever make on a camping trip. It’s honestly genius!

First things first. You need an eskimo pie maker. Next time you are headed out camping, stop by Canadian Tire and pick one up. You will not regret it. The diversity of foodstuffs you can make in this thing is incredible! Here’s how we made breakfast sandwiches.

First things first: Take the closed eskimo pie maker and stick it in the fire to heat it up. Next, being very careful, because it is cast iron and VERY hot, open the pie maker and spray the inside generously with pam. (Don’t try and use butter, it won’t work.)

Next, crack you egg in the smaller side and let it sizzle. Being very careful to keep the contraption level, you can carry the pie maker back over to the fire and heat the egg until cooked. Or, if your pie maker is hot enough, you can let it sizzle where it stands.

Next, flip it over so that the other side gets nice and cooked.

When your egg is cooked to your liking, spray again and add a piece of sliced bread, close and flip over so that the egg is resting on the bread.

Now here’s the fun part: You can add just about anything you brought camping to your breakfast sandwich, including ketchup, hot dogs, cheese… etc. We used amazing Sylvan Star Cheese (try the grizzly, it is to die for!!), to add some cheezy zest to the sandwich.

We also added a slice of sandwich meat for good measure.

Pile everything on top of the egg.

Then spray again with pam, add another slice of bread on top and close tight.

Stick it in the fire again until it is nice and toasted.

Here is Justin concentrating hard on his sandwich.

Flip it on to a paper towel and you’ve got an amazing breakfast that will fuel you for a full day of adventuring!


Cheezy breakfast goodness!

Jacquie’s awesome campfire breakfast sandwiches

You will need:

An eskimo pie maker from Canadian Tire

Spray Pam (original or butter flavor)

2 pieces of sliced bread

1 egg

1 slice of your favorite cheese

1 slice of sandwich meat


You have the nitty gritty details on how to make these above. Just remmeber that these take time and planning to make. If you forget to bring an essential ingredient (like the pam, or the pie maker for that matter), the sandwich will probably not turn out – but have no fear! You can just as easily make an actual pie with this contraption (all you need is pie filling and two slices of bread), or you can make pizza (two slices of bread, cheese and pizza sauce). Just remember to spray with pam after each use or you will have a very stuck eskimo pie in your eskimo pie maker. Enjoy and happy camping!


2 Comments on “Campfire Breakfast Sandwiches”

  1. That looks like a damn complicated, but delicious, way of making sandwiches. Your patience is commendable.

  2. Earlean Eland says:

    i love to have some camping once and a while because it is exciting…

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