Garden Update! July 20, 2011.

It’s time for another garden update! I took pictures 2 weeks ago and posted them here:

Here are my potato plants, starting to grow big.

Here’s the Ambercup squash with its first budding flower.

The broccoli is beginning to grow bigger!

Here are my might red onions.

And the baby green onions.

Here are the strawberry plants, doing their own thing (and not producing any strawberries at all…)

And the zucchini plant. Goodness it’s getting big.


The spinach is growing nice and strong.

And the lettuce is looking great!

The tomato plants are getting bigger.

And the green beans may actually produce!

Finally! Dill! We were beginning to think you’d never show up, little buddy!

Now the the real time update:

2 weeks of rain later, present day…

Here’s the amber cup now. Flowering and starting to expand! wee!

Ya. Those are the potato plants. See what a little rain does for them? Wonders!!

I even had to hill them, their growing so fast!

The broccoli is finally starting to flower (I managed to cut back the rhubarb enough to let it get some sun!)

The red onions really are getting big.

And they have one beautiful little flower at the stem! Cool looking, eh?

The green onions are progressing!

Wow. Strawberry. What are you doing? Honestly, quit shooting, you have no where else to go! Grow some berries already!

Here the baby dill, growing bigger!

That’s my tomato plant, if you can believe it. It’s getting lost in the green.

It’s got tomatoes growing! wee!

Green beans looking good.

And they’re starting to flower! Yay!!

My God. I’m going to be drowning in zucchini pretty soon. I definitely over-estimated with two plants.

Here’s my other tomato plant. I took a picture of the stem to see if anyone can tell me what’s wrong with it? It looks a little pale and the stem looks wore for wear… is it going to die? I sure hope not…

The spinach is going to eat me soon!

and finally, the mint is getting attached by the zucchini. Poor mint. I should make more ice cream out of you…

Hope you enjoyed the update!


3 Comments on “Garden Update! July 20, 2011.”

  1. C. Schulz says:

    Hey! I love your blog. I always look forward to your posts! About the tomato plant, it looks a little bit dry. Maybe it’s not getting enough water? My dad grows about a bajillion tomato plants every year and he always tells me that tomatoes can never have too much water. On hot days I would usually water them at least twice daily, sometimes three times if I were home.

    Another thing it might be is an animal, because it it isn’t too dry, it does kind of look like something might be gnawing on it…

    Just some thoughts! Hope things are going well!


  2. Awesome progress! Any clue why the strawberries aren’t working out? I know friends of mine also having that problem. Too much water?

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