Beer Can Chicken

Happy New Year everyone!

After a delicious week of eating rich, traditional foods, I decided it was time for something very very different. Beer Can Chicken. I’ve heard of beer can chicken before, but I’ve never had the guts to make it. So tonight was the night.

I bought a whole organic chicken from Superstore, and borrowed a can of Keith’s from my parents during their New Years Day family dinner.

I cut the top off the Keith’s, so that the beer could infuse better into the chicken.

I make a unique spice blend of Middle Eastern Seasoning, that my mom brought back from Egypt. I added some garlic and onion powder, and some seasoning salt. This was quite the good spice rub.

I rubbed the chicken with olive oil to start, then rubbed it down with the spice mix.

Then I carefully inserted the Beer can upright into the chicken, so it kind of looks like the chicken it sitting on it (can you see the can between it’s legs?)

Then I let it roast at 375 for about an hour. This made the house smell absolutely mouthwatering!

I let it stand for a bit before slicing it up and serving it with some tasty sides. Man, this chicken was a winner!

Jacquie’s Awesome Beer Can Chicken

You will need:

One beer can

One whole chicken

3 tablespoons of your favorite spice mix

2 tablespoons olive oil

Rub chicken with olive oil. Coat with spice mix. Cut top off beer can and drink until 1/4 is gone. Insert the beer can right side up into the chicken. Place in a big roasting pan and roast in the oven at 375 for 1 hour. Let rest on counter for about 15 minutes before removing the beer can (be careful! it’s still very hot!!). Slice up and thoroughly enjoy!


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