Homemade Bison Burgers

Hello blogosphere! I am back. My apologies for being AWOL for as long as I was. It’s nice to be back in my Garneau Home kitchen, cooking up tasty local creations.

Spring is back in earnest, and I am thrilled that I got to use my BBQ for the first time since last summer! I decided to go for something a little more challenging for my first blog post post hiatus, to make up for my absence :)… Enjoy!

I’ve always wanted to make bison burgers from scratch. Its a challenging ground meat to cook, because it is so lean, it can burn pretty quickly. The trick is to not cook it on high, and watch it closely on the grill.

I picked up some lean ground bison from (where else?) the Old Strathcona Farmer’s market. It was SO nice to be back at my old haunt. Man, did I ever miss my market mornings!

This ground bison was lean, but still had a nice marbling of fat. Perfect for burgers!

I added the spices and the egg and squished it with my fingers until it stuck together nicely.

Then I added bread crumbs to seal the deal. (hah!)

I formed pretty thick patties. Next time, I would have squished them a little more. They were hard to eat but SO GOOD!

I put the patties in the fridge for a about an hour, while I prepped the rest of the meal. Burgers are never complete without an array of tasty fixings!

What a GLORIOUS day for a double date BBQ! It was 25 Degrees out! What a treat!

We even ate outside on my newly spring cleaned patio furniture! What a great evening!

Those burgers definitely didn’t last long 🙂

Here is my extra tall tasty local bison burger. Seriously. Make this one as soon as you can. Your belly will thank you!

Jacquie’s Tasty local Bison Burgers

You will need:

2 pounds of locally sourced lean ground bison

3 tsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tsp ground dry mustard

2 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp onion powder

2 tsp seasoning salt

1 egg, beaten lightly

approx 1/2 cup breadcrumbs (depending on how lean the bison is)

6 whole wheat buns

all of your favorite burger fixins.

Place ground bison in a bowl. Add seasonings and egg and mix with your hands. Progressively add breadcrumbs until you feel the mixture sticking together nicely. Form patties. Place on wax papered surface and refrigerate for 1 hour. Remove from fridge 10 minutes before cooking. Cook on Med-High, and check on them frequently. Enjoy on whole wheat bun with all of your favorite burger fixings. Enjoy, A lot!


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