Garden, 2012 – Adventures of a second-time gardener

Let the garden 2012 adventure begin! Justin and I were SO excited to plant our garden plot this year. We wanted to try a whole bunch of new things, based on how well some things went last year. We decided to focus on root veggies that’ll last us throughout the winter, as well as some tasty greens that we had a lot of success with last year, and that we loved growing very much!

We went all out this year, buying mostly starter plants so that we can make the most of our short growing season.

We also decided to go all out and plant half of the garden with potatoes! They were such a success last year that we decided to go with two different kinds – Shepody and Banana. I’m so excited to see the results! Here is my brave potato digger, digging up big hills for our potatoes.

Seeded potatoes look so creepy!

Justin’s very good at hilling those potatoes!

Another prominent feature in the garden this year will be squash! We planted 3 different kinds of winter squash, and one summer squash. Ever since we’ve discovered the amazingness of putting squash in the crockpot, we just cant get enough! Here is a shot of the butternut plant.

Here’s the zucchini plant! (let’s just hope it doesn’t take over like it did last year…)

Here’s the acorn squash plant.

Here’s the buttercup plant! (hmmmm…. buttercup!)

We decided to try our hands at planting a red pepper plant. Never having harvested red peppers before, this should be interesting!

Here’s the cherry tomato plant!

And one last shot of our field of potatoes.

We also planted rows of red onions, garlic, green beans, romaine lettuce, carrots (for Justin) and corn. I’m very excited to see what turns out! I’ll be updating you throughout the summer! Happy gardening!


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