Sweet Curry Chicken Burgers

This recipe was super easy but insanely good. There not much prep involved, so make this on a busy evening for an amazing summer meal!

I like to make different sauces that pair well with different burgers. This time, I decided to try something adventurous and try and copy something Justin and I ate in Victoria. It was a chicken burger topped with sweet chutney and a curry mayo. To make the mayo, I simply combined mayo with curry powder.

I used a lot of curry powder to make sure that the flavour came out well.

I used mango chutney for the topping. It’s one of my favourite chutneys. So sweet and delicious!

For the chicken burgers, I used nothing but the best – Sunworks farms has the most AMAZING ground chicken products. From chicken hot dogs to chicken burgers, I am always impressed with the quality and outstanding flavour of their products!

Grilled food just tastes so much better than any other food in the whole world. We served these bad boys up with some fresh, local asparagus from Edgar Farms (Honestly, try them. They are AMAZING), and some local potatoes!

Melt the cheese onto the chicken burger on the grill before serving. Enjoy!

Jacquie’s Awesome Sweet Curry Chicken Burgers

You will need:

1 jar of mango chutney

3 tbsp curry powder

3 tbsp mayo

4 chicken burgers

4 whole wheat buns

4 slices of aged cheddar

Grill chicken burgers on the grill until cooked. Combine mayo and curry powder. Generously apply mango chutney and curry mayo to both sides of the bun. Melt cheese onto chicken burger before assembling sandwich. Serve with local veggies and enjoy!


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