Garden Update! July 5, 2012

It’s time for another garden update!

It’s been storming here for the past 48 hours and now we finally have been blessed with some sun, so I thought it’d be a great time to take a picture of the beauties in the garden!

Here is the field of potatoes. I re-hilled them today, because they are getting so huge! We certainly are going to get a massive potato harvest this year. Home fries, anyone?

Here’s one of the beauties up close.

Our carrots and beans are coming in quite nicely.

Oh boy, did the squash ever love the rain! Here is the buttercup, stretching it’s legs.

Here are the onions, nestled neatly between more rows of green beans.

The acorn squash plant basically doubled in size in the rainfall.

Here’s the tomatoes, growing out of it’s cage.

And of course, the zucchini beast. Soon it’ll be competing with the strawberries for space.

The little butternut is finally starting to turn around! Yay!

Here’s the corn, starting to shoot up.

And the strawberry patch. We have been getting a handful of ruby reds every single day for the past 2 weeks, and it has decided to peter off… much to our dismay. We were starting to get use to having fresh strawberries every day!

Here’s the rhubarb, in all of it’s massive glory!

And another row of corn and romaine lettuce. I’m crossing my fingers thy grow a little more!

Stay tuned for more garden updates throughout the summer!


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