Garden update July 23, 2012

It’s time for another garden update! Justin and I were in Nelson this past week, and boy did the garden explode while we were gone! There was nothing to do but to tame the beast of growth that crept up on us in our beautiful garden. I spared your eyes and took the snapshots after we had give the garden some weeding tlc.

Here is our field of potatoes. Looks like we’ll be in for quite the treat during the harvest!

Our romaine and corn is FINALLY starting to come up. It took a decent amount of time, but we are finally seeing some green salad!

More corn shoots. Looking good πŸ™‚

The strawberry field is still as large as ever, and has sadly decided it’s done giving us any more ruby reds for the season…

Here’s the butternut. It’s finally starting to flower! With any luck, we will actually get some butternut squash!

That is if it’s neighbour, the mammoth zucchini, lets it have some light. We’ve had to snip a few leaves to give its neighbours a bit more light…

Here’s our once tiny tomato plant, all grown up! We’ve had to zip-tie it to the cage, it was getting so large!

The acorn is a happy camper.

As are the beans. Some little buds are starting to show up! yay!

My neighbour came by while I was weeding the other day and suggested that I step on my onion so that they get bigger. It makes logical sense, as the plant will start investing it’s energy into the bulb, rather than the green. Let’s see if it works this year!

Here’s the buttercup plant. He has decided that he is the king of the garden and is going to take over all in it’s path. I’ve had to trim him down significantly and re-direct him to proper places. (He is the darker green plant in this photo. The others are bean plants!)

See? He’s so entitled, that he’s jumped the fence and is making a bid for freedom! I’ve decided to let that slide, so long as he produces squash on that vine. I’ve got my eye on you, cuppy!

Well, it must be happy in some respects, because we have our first squash plant growing nice and strong. I am so looking forward to the harvest!!


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