Garden Update – August 28, 2012


So now that we are a few weeks away from harvest, I thought I’d give you another quick garden update!

Here is the buttercup squash that has survived. The other was stolen out of the garden a few weeks ago. We’ve been covering this one up with grass so that he looks totally inconspicuous. 🙂


Here are a few bean row. I know, it’s getting hard to differentiate between the plants, they are just looking like a big green mess!

Here’s our little pepper. Hopefully it will turn red before the harvest!



Here are the potato rows. Unfortunately, they got damaged by some yard working who were taking out an old spruce tree from the yard. The crop should survive though. 🙂


Here’s our corn! We have a few ears growing!



Here are the two baby butternut bulbs that I found hiding amidst the strawberry patch. I hope they grow a little more morefore harvest!


Here’s the king zucchini. It’s almost impossible to see where it starts and where the acorn squash next to it ends.

Here’s the tomato plant, growing out of it’s cage.


Here’s one of 6 (!) acorn squash! It’s been a good squash summer, that’s for sure!

Here are two acorns, growing together.



And finally, one of our monster zucchinis. We’ve had so many this summer that I’ve been giving them away!

I will be doing one last post on the garden this year, and it will be all about the harvest. Looking forward to snapping some harvest shots! Until then, happy growing!


One Comment on “Garden Update – August 28, 2012”

  1. Neil says:

    Looks great… I am envious as we had about 60% of our garden stolen from our yard last week… It is quite tragic that this happens… We are now getting ready to install security cameras on our patch for next season…

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