Garden Harvest 2012

It’s finally here! Harvest 2012 has arrived!! Justin and I were SUPER excited to start collecting our treasures from the garden over the weekend. It was so nice to see the fruits of our labour from the last 4 months! And I’m very excited to share my excitement with you, dear readers!

Here’s a before shot of the big green garden.

And here’s a before shot of the potato patch. Note the rhubarb leaves in the corner.

Here’s the massive zucchini plant, once harvested and ripped up. He got so big this year!

Here’s my hard working Justin, digging up out potato treasures.

The last of the monster zucchinis! I’m happy that I soon wont have to try and figure out what to do with them anymore. 🙂

Here’s the after shot of the garden, once everything had been pulled and cut, for compost. I left the strawberry patch intact. We are going to get a LOT of ruby reds next year!

Here is an after shot of the potato patch, all dug up.

Now for the fruits (of vegetables) of our labour! Here’s what was left of the rhubarb. I decimated the plant, knowing full well that it will come back in vigor next year.

Check out this awesome carrot! He’s hugging his neighbour!

Ok, from this angle, it looks like he’s trying to take him down… haha!

18 potato plants = this many potatoes! Take a look at these beauties, all washed and ready to roll! They’re so pretty, ern’t they?

Here’s the bulk of the harvest, drying out after a wash.

We got 7 acorn squash! Hot damn! I am so unbelievably excited to showcase some acorn recipes this winter!

Here are the remainder of the green beans. 7 rows was definitely a lot. I liked it. More next year!

And here are all the green tomatoes taken from our cherry tomato plant. They’ll turn red eventually 🙂

Here are also the tasty treats we picked during the pre-harvest frost that happened last week. We got some corn at least, and two decently large buttercup squash (despite the theft of a large one in July)! You’ll definitely be seeing those beauties in future recipes!

And so that concludes the garden posts for 2012. Thanks to everyone who showed interest in our Urban Gardening adventures. Stay tuned for next summer’s awesome endeavors!


6 Comments on “Garden Harvest 2012”

  1. OMGOSH! Jacquie!
    Standing ovation – you must be SO proud of yourself! I have had a carrot like that, too. We are taking our garden in this weekend. I have harvested more tomatoes than every before – haven’t done the posts like I used to as I have had too many other things on my plate this year.
    LOVE IT!

  2. […] I was lucky enough to be able to use mostly local ingredients for this recipe, except for the chocolate chips, of course! I used organic eggs from sunworks farms, delicious soft white wheat from none other than Gold Forest Grains, and the zucchini I grew in my own back yard! […]

  3. […] than others… and Justin and I have plants two gardens in the past two summers, with this past harvest being extremely successful! I have learned TONS about local ingredients and cooking techniques, and […]

  4. Benjamin Rae says:

    I’m flattened by your contents keep up the excellent work.

  5. […] This year, we will be growing acorn squash again, seeing as how successful it was last year! […]

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