Honey Mustard Salmon Burgers with Smoky Asado Aioli

Hello Readers! Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a little while. School is definitely starting to catch up to me. As a way to cap off summer and BBQ season, I decided to make one last burger-type item.

I had this large salmon filet in the freezer from our last Costco run; it was a great way to end a fantastic summer of BBQ favorites.

My food processor has definitely seen it’s fair share of goodies since I got it. This one was no exception. I diced the salmon, added honey, mustard, rosemary and whole mustard seeds.

Then I blended it up nice and fine.

Next, I added breadcrumbs until the burgers stayed together nicely.

I formed them into patties and brushed each side with Mighty Trio Organic‘s canola oil.

Onto the grill they went, until nice and crispy.

I served them with a fantastic smoky asado aioli that I made using Elaine Wilson‘s Smoky Asado spice blend, mayo and lemon juice. It sent so well with these burgers!

I also served them on my savoury whole wheat flatbread, (which turned out GREAT, btw!)

Yep, this may have turned into a new favourite. BBQ, I am going to miss you…

Jacquie’s Awesome Honey Mustard Salmon Burgers with Smoky Asado Aioli

For the Salmon Burgers, you will need:

1 large salmon filet (approx 1 pound)

2 tbsp honey

2 tbsp garlic

2 tsbp fresh rosemary

2 tbsp whole mustard seeds

1 cup breadcrumbs

salt and pepper to taste

For the Smoky Asado Aioli, you will need:

2 tbsp smoky asado spice blend (Contact Elaine to see where she’s selling, now that the 124 st market is done for the season!)

1/2 cup mayo

4 tbsp lemon juice

For the burgers:

Cube the salmon and add to a food processor. Add all other ingredients, except breadcrumbs and salt and pepper, to food processor and blend until smooth. When smooth, transfer to a bowl and add breadcrumbs, salt and pepper, combining until it begins to stick together. Form into patties and brush each side with canola oil before grilling. Grill until both sides of the patties are golden brown.

For the Aioli:

Combine all ingredients with a fork until smooth. Serve on salmon burgers.


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