The MacEwan Apple Project

Good morning lovely readers!

I have a very interesting and exciting initiative to share with you this morning! My business class at MacEwan is partaking in a project to raise food donations for the MacEwan Food Bank. There were several criteria that had to be met: The idea had to be sustainable, innovative and interesting. For our project, we decided to donate local apples. With the help of Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton, we organized picks of local apples that would have otherwise gone to waste.

We were also asked to raise awareness of hunger in Edmonton, as well as our project, through a YouTube video. Check it out! I think it turned out pretty well, if we do say so ourselves. At the end of the project, we are judged on the amount of food raised (in lbs.), and on the number of YouTube video views we receive. I don’t normally tout projects on my blog, but since this issue is near and dear to my heart, as well as a lot of foodies in the local Edmonton community, I thought I’d ask, just this once: Please share this video with your friends and family and help us raise awareness of this awesome initiative!

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your support and interest in this really cool project.


One Comment on “The MacEwan Apple Project”

  1. […] food donations for the MacEwan Food Bank by picking apples with Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton. The video they made to summarize their work is worth a […]

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