Long Macaroni and Cheese

Alrighty folks. This recipe is coming to you straight from my childhood. When we were young, my mom would make us long macaroni and cheese for an easy, meatless week night meal. Don’t ask me why she called it that, because there is no macaroni in this recipe, nor is it a real cheesy sauce, but ever since, the name stuck and it is awesome. This recipe is ridiculously easy to make, is incredibly delicious, and some times, you just need a meal that makes little to no brain power, and is kick ass. With Snowmogedon raging outside yesterday, it was just one of those nights.

My mom use to make this meal with 3 ingredients: A can of tomato soup, a whole bunch of shredded cheese, and some spaghetti. In my attempt to make this meal a tad more nutritious and local, I added red pepper and onions, and opted for local sylvan star aged cheddar.

I diced up the pepper and onions…

And cooked them down in a pan.

Next, I added the can of tomato soup and about 2 tablespoons of milk to make it a little creamier.

I shredded about 1.5 cups of cheese…

And threw it into the sauce to let it melt away.

Here’s the sauce, all melty and ready to go!

I drained off the pasta and added the sauce directly to the noodles for maximum coverage. Now that is the perfect meal in which to face a torrential snowstorm, reminiscent of rock awesome childhood days.

Maman’s Long Macaroni and Cheese

You will need:

spaghetti (enough for 4 servings)

1 small onion

1 red pepper

1 tsp cooking oil

1 can of tomato soup

2 Tbsp milk (optional)

1.5 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Fill a large pot with water, bring to a boil, and cook your spaghetti. While you’re waiting, dice your pepper and onion. In another pot, add cooking oil, pepper and onion and cook down until tender. Add can of soup. If you like a runnier texture, add the milk. Heat until bubbly, then add cheese. Stir to incorporate. Drain your cooked pasta and add to sauce. Enjoy with childhood memories. 🙂


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