Homemade Enchiladas

Have you ever created a recipe so spot on that you actually make an “hmmmm” sound throughout the entire meal? Well, this is one of those. It was perfect, from the first bite to the seconds and to the thirds (I made a lot, ok?). This recipe was a work of art. It took almost a whole day to prepare, but trust me, it was worth every minute of anticipation. This is my new Mexican winner recipe. Hands down.

Start off my dicing up peppers and onions and throwing them in your crockpot with the chicken, and let it cook for as long as you can stand it (mine cooked for almost 10 hours on low. For this recipe, the longer, the better!)

Make sure to add a healthy dose of spices and lemon juice. The spices are what make the dish, so be liberal with them.

Here’s the chicken and veggies, after having slow cooked for almost 10 hrs!

Next, I took out my awesome shredder mallet that I picked up during a pampered chef party. This handy little tool shreds meat effortlessly. With my love for my crockpot and pulled meats, picking up this guy was a no-brainier for me! 🙂

Shred the meat until it looks like this!

Now, the meat may be a little extra watery because of the veggies. No worries! Bust out your fine mesh strainer and press the liquid out of the meat. You don’t want the meat to be too liquidy, because your enchiladas will a little too wet.

Next, dice up the block of cream cheese and throw it into the crockpot. If you strained the meat, I would recommend turning the crockpot back on low, folding the cream cheese into the meat, and letting it sit for 5 minutes to melt. That way, when you come back in 5 minutes, it will be gooey and awesome and easy to mix.

Add the beans and the corn and mix the cream cheese into the meat well.

Now that your meat is all ready to fill the best enchiladas you’ve ever had, here is a quick tutorial on what to do if your enchilada sauce tastes vile. Yep, that’s right. I went to the store to specifically pick up these cans of enchilada sauce, and to my dismay, they were completely inedible. They were actually so gross that I poured them down the sink and set to work making my own sauce from scratch, which turned out to make the dish that much better.

The sauce was quick and easy to make. I used a whole jar each of marinara sauce and salsa, a dash of some really hot Mexican hot sauce my mom brought me back from Mexico, and added chilli powder and Smoky Asado spice from Elaine Wilson’s Food You Can Cook. Now that’s the secret ingredient that made the dish that much more WOW!

Mix it all together, add a little water to make the dish go the extra mile, and VOILA! Homemade enchilada sauce that kicked the canned stuff to the curb (literally, because it was disgusting!)

Next, fill a tortilla with some of the filling and roll it like a burrito (or an enchilada, your pick!)

Add a little sauce to the bottom of the cooking dish.

Place rolled enchiladas into the pan, on top of the sauce.

Cover with more sauce.

Top with cheese.

And bake until everything is bubbly and gooey and filling your kitchen with the most remarkable smells imaginable.

Top with sour cream and serve alongside a salad.

The best part? This recipe made 5 meals of 2-3 servings, which are waiting for me in the deep freeze to enjoy on another cold winter’s night.

Jacquie’s Rock Awesome Homemade Enchiladas (Adapted from Six Sister’s Stuff) ( Makes 12 large enchiladas)


You will need:

For the filling:

6 chicken breast

1 sweet bell pepper

1 medium sweet onion

1 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp onion powder

1 tbsp paprika

2 tbsp chili powder

1/8 cup lemon juice

1 can of sweet corn nuggets

1/2 can black beans

1 package of light cream cheese


For the sauce:

1 large jar of marinara sauce

1 jar of salsa

3 tbsp chili powder

3 tbsp smoky asado powder (from Elaine Wilson’s Food You Can Cook)

1 dash (or more if you like heat) of your favourite hot sauce

1/4 cup of water


For the enchiladas:

12 whole wheat tortillas

2 cups grated cheddar cheese

Sour cream to serve



For the filling:

Dice pepper and onion and place in crockpot with chicken. Add seasoning and lemon juice and cook on low for 8-10 hrs. Once cooked, shred meat and drain excess liquid. Keeping the crockpot hot, replace drained meat and cut block of cream cheese into cubes and throw into crockpot with meat. Cover cream cheese with meat, replace crockpot lid and let the cream cheese melt for 5 minutes. Add corn and black beans and stir to combine evenly.

For the sauce:

Before making the sauce, preheat oven at 375. To make sauce, combine all ingredients. Taste and add more of any ingredient, according to preference.

To assemble: Place about 1/2 cup of enchilada sauce into bottom of baking dish. Fill tortillas with meat and cream cheese filling and roll like a burrito or enchilada. Place roll on top of sauce in baking dish. Repeat until you have filled the dish with enchilada rolls. Cover with more sauce. Cover with shredded cheese. Bake at 375 until bubbly. Serve with sour cream and enjoy, A LOT!


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