Local Food Alert: The Dinner Factory, St. Albert


If you’re like most people in today’s society, you’re sometimes just too busy to make a healthy local meal. And when times like these roll around, what do you do? Go out and buy pre-packaged food that is loaded with nasty preservatives that will pickle your insides? God No! Justin and I have found ourselves, on occasion, just too busy to cook dinner. This past month was a testament to this, with finals and an illness in the family. That’s when we turned to the Dinner Factory. It’s a meal assembly “factory”, that allows you to prepare several meals at once. Here’s the kicker: They source all of their meat locally. That sold me right there. We’ve tried Simply Supper before, and while they have a similar concept, they are much more expensive, and they do not source their meat locally. Whenever I’m feeling the time crunch, I’ll definitely be making my way back to the dinner factory.



Here’s a peek at their facilities – several work stations that walks you through the meal preparation step by step. It’s pretty foolproof!


They have nice little coolers that keep the ingredients cold.


All of the ingredients are already sliced and diced, so there is no need to prep!


In the end, I walked away with 12 meals that can easily feed Justin and I, with leftovers, and it only took me 2.5 hours to prep all of them!DSC03736

Here are two examples of the meals you can make at the dinner factory:


This one is sweet and sassy chicken stir fry, loaded with fresh ginger and veggies, and topped with almonds. I loved this one!


And here is the Mediterranean chicken wraps! We added our own touch, with some homemade tzatziki.

DSC03741This one was packed with flavour.

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of the meals that the dinner factory offers. With locally sourced meat to boot, we will definitely be returning when we are feeling time crunched!


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