Hearty Vegetable Curry with Red Lentils and Chard

Lentils are great. They are super hearty, tasty little morsels of yum. Recently, my market stall Gold Forest Grains, has been selling organic red lentils. Well, I’m up for a challenge, and with the help of Julie Van Rosendaal, I can achieve anyone’s lentil dreams!DSC04042

I let these bad boys soak all day long, so they’d be easy to cook in the evening. DSC04043

I used a whole bunch of spices for the curry, to give it tons of flavour. DSC04044

First things first, I diced some onions and chopped up some potatoes to throw in the pot. DSC04045

I cooked them up a bit and added the spices. DSC04046

Next, I diced up some peppers and added those. DSC04047

and opened a can of diced tomatoes and added those. DSC04048

Next, in went the lentils. DSC04049

And the coconut milk. I closed the lid and let it cook down for a while, to get the potatoes and lentils nice and soft. DSC04050

In went the chard… (Now I don’t normally buy chard, but we recently picked up an edible arrangement as a thank you for the Vegas Trip, and it was covered in chard as a decoration, so I picked off every piece, determined to never waste food!)DSC04051and voila! This recipe was amazing! I had dreams about it! Make this- right now. And swing by our booth at Old Strathcona on Saturday to get your local organic red lentils!

Jacquie’s Awesome Vegetable Curry with Red Lentils and Chard (Courtesy of Julie Van Rosendaal)

You will need:

1.5 cups red lentils, soaked for min 6 hrs

1 onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 tsp ginger

1 tbsp yellow curry powder

1 tbsp tumeric

1 tbsp cumin

1 tsp seasoning salt

2 potatoes, cubed

1 red bell pepper, diced

1 can diced tomatoes, drained

1 can coconut milk

1/4 cup chutney (any kind you like! I used pear.)

1 cup roughly chopped chard

Cut up your veggies and begin by adding a little olive oil to your wok or big pot and cook down onions and potatoes. Add spices and cook down some more (5 mins). Add peppers and tomatoes, cook down some more. (5 mins again!). Add lentils and coconut milk and keep lid on pot for approx 10-15 mins. When lentils and potatoes and cooked, add chutney and chard at the last minute, just long enough to have the chard wilt a little. Serve on a bed of rice and enjoy. This recipe makes six good sized servings. Enjoy- a lot!


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