Adventures of a Third Time Gardener!


Hello loyal readers! It’s that time of year again – That’s right! It’s gardening time! This will be the first time we garden in the new house – how exciting! We were debating about whether or not to put in a garden this summer, because we were worried about how much time we would have with everything else going on with the new house, but when the weather turned around, we decided there would be no way we couldn’t! So we dug up a nice (but small) area in the backyard where we would be able to plant a few veggies. DSC04176

Here is the garden patch, dug by hand!


And here is our stash of veggies! My wonderful boss, John at Gold Forest Grains, gave me two wonderful heritage tomato plants, and my mother in law seeded a whole bunch of plants for us as gifts. We are spoiled!DSC04233

This year, we will be growing acorn squash again, seeing as how successful it was last year!DSC04234

Here’s our butternut plant! Let’s hope it takes off this year, because we didn’t even get one butternut last season…DSC04187

Here are the two heritage tomato plants. These are going to be beauties!DSC04188

Here is a baby pepper plant my mother-in-law gave us.DSC04189

And here is the mystery plant (she couldn’t remember what she seeded! Anyone want to venture a guess?)DSC04190

And of course, we had to start a new strawberry patch. It was so hard to leave the old one behind… It gave us such lovely strawberries!DSC04191

Here is the row of red onions!DSC04192 Last but not least, a beautiful zucchini! (It just wouldn’t be summer without a garden full of zucchini, now would it?)

Stay tuned for updated throughout the summer!


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