Pommeau: Canadian Food Experience Project Challenge Five

I am happy to announce that I’ve decided to join the Canadian Food Experience Project. The project began back in June, 2013, and is a collection of stories through regional food experiences. Through these stories, participants hope to bring global clarity to our Canadian Culinary Identity. I joined the project a little late, as I didn’t think I’d have the time to commit to a post a month. Now I do, and I am playing a little bit of catch up. This post speaks to challenge five: the Canadian Harvest in Alberta. As a member of OFRE, I can’t think of a more regional harvest celebration than apples!

Remember my post on apple pressing  and how, at the end of the post, I promised to tell you what we made with all that juice? Well, here it is. The product of my fall harvest: Pommeau. While pressing all that juice at Kevin Kossowan’s place, he introduced us to Pommeau. It’s a simple and tasty mix of Calvados (apple brandy) and fresh apple juice. It’s incredibly simple to make, and takes the annoyance out of having to make cider out of all that juice. Also, because you are mixing the juice with such a high percentage of alcohol, it kills all the bacteria and natural yeast, meaning you do not have to pasteurize it! How awesome is that?

DSC04811We started with the Calvados. You can always use a higher proof, more expensive Calvados, but we decided to opt for a cheaper bottle. (This guy was 22$).

DSC04814Next, we opened all of our bottles and poured them into our carboy.

DSC04815Next step, mix the calvados with the juice. the recipe is super simple: One part calvados, two parts fresh apple juice. That’s all there is to it.

DSC04817Here it is, all mixed up.

DSC04834Next, it was time to fill all of our bottles.

DSC04836Using a pump, we filled all the bottles.

DSC04838and boy, did we ever have a lot of bottles…

DSC04842Next step, corking. This was super fun! We rent a machine from winning wines, and the process was extremely efficient.

DSC04843Just make sure you get the right size corks… (We learned that the hard way when a cork when straight through the bottle neck into the bottle. hah.)

DSC04848Here is the final product, all ready to be enjoyed.


Depending on how much pommeau you want to make, you will need:

1 part Calvados (we used Boulard)

2 parts fresh pressed apple juice

Mix together. Serve on ice as a aperitif, or serve with some club soda for a sparkling beverage. Enjoy, a lot!


2 Comments on “Pommeau: Canadian Food Experience Project Challenge Five”

  1. This is so interesting – so what percentage of alcohol is this? My recipe is very different and was shared with me by a French man in Normandy – and then a teacher who lived there. I fill a crock with little red crab apples. Cover it completely with sweetened vodka: 1 liter vodka to 1 cup sugar, completely dissolved and then covers the apples, It takes about three months to extrude the juices from the apples and then the liqueur is divine.

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