The Story of Hubbard and The Adventures of a First Time Vegetable Seeder

Once upon a time, there was a squash. Let’s call him Hubbard. A farmer grew him to sell at the Strathcona Farmer’s market, and grew throughout the summer of 2013. He was a medium sized squash destined for a tasty meal. Harvested in the fall and set out for sale, Hubbard was picked over for other squash. Time rolled on and Hubbard was still at the Market, waiting to be bought and taken home.

One day, a girl named Jacquie bought Hubbard and took him home. Finally, his destiny of turning into a tasty meal would soon be realized. Jacquie opened him to make a meal for her family. Inside were seeds – lots of seeds. Then she realized that because Hubbard had sat so long on his own, that the seeds inside his belly has begun to sprout! Much to Jacquie’s delight, Hubbard wanted to live, and by golly, she wasn’t going to stop him. She removed all of the seeds and picked through the ones that were most likely to survive.


She cleaned the seeds, wet a paper towel and left them to warm in the sun.

DSC05142Here are all of Hubbard’s seeds that Jacquie saved.

DSC05144Then, one day, when Jacquie had the day off from work, she went out and bought seeding supplies. By then, Hubbard’s seeds had begun to sprout even more.

DSC05145She filled four small planter boxes with soil and planted Hubbard’s seeds into each pot, approx 2-3 per pot. She watered them and placed them in the sun. Every 1-2 days, she’d check on them, speak kind words of encouragement to get them to sprout out of the soil and waited.

DSC05208In about 2 weeks, the first baby bud poked his head out of the soil, happy to greet the first warm rays of spring sunlight.

DSC05246The baby buds grew stronger and larger every day, soaking up the sun’s rays and turning them into energy. DSC05249More buds poked their heads out the soil to greet the early spring sunshine. They were happy to be here.

DSC05250Some had even grown upside down, making it rather difficult to capture the right amount of rays.

DSC05251This guy is even trying to invert himself, to join his brothers to catch some rays of glorious sunshine.

DSC05252Hubbard is excited to join us for another season.

… To be continued.


6 Comments on “The Story of Hubbard and The Adventures of a First Time Vegetable Seeder”

  1. So cute! I hope you get some nice, big squashes in the end! 🙂

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