Adventures of a First Time Box Gardener

It’s summer time in the capital city, which means that Edmontonians have broken out of their winter shells and are embracing all things summer in their wonderful glory. For Justin and I, that means gardening. Our first summer’s garden at the Parkallen Home didn’t turn out too well – Actually, it was rather disgraceful. That is why, dear readers, I spared you the photos of sad looking plants from last summer. The problem was that the garden was just too wet. With record rainfalls, and an already super moist soil (Lake McKernan was drained back in the 40s to build the Parkallen and McKernan communities in Edmonton), our poor plants did not stand a chance. The only plants to produce were the heritage tomato plants I received as a gift last summer.

For all these reasons, we decided to embark on a garden box summer planting project.

DSC05316My handy dandy Justin built the boxes from scratch.

DSC05319And we lined them with cardboard boxes, for drainage.

DSC05320Here are our beautiful boxes, waiting to be filled with compost and topsoil.

DSC05328Justin’s mom has such a green thumb! She saved our heritage tomato plants for us over the winter, and seeded them. They turned out so nicely! She also seeded tons of other goodies as well 🙂

DSC05329Once I hauled all the dirt and mixed in the compost, we planned out the garden.

DSC05330Looking pretty good, if you ask me!

DSC05331This one is for our seed babies.

DSC05347Next, we planted the seeded greens. One box was devoted to the heritage tomato plants. They are already looking so tall and beautiful. I cannot wait to bite into a large, juicy tomato!

DSC05348Again, we planted zucchinis. Lets hope they don’t get out of hand, like they did in the Garneau Home Garden.

DSC05349I’m going to try my hand at planting cauliflower this summer.

DSC05350As well as some beautiful cherry tomatoes.

DSC05351The baby Hubbards didn’t like the transplanting as much as the other plants, but they are making a comeback. Common’ Hubbard! You can do it! I’m rooting for you to live again!

DSC05352Here are the beautiful baby bell pepper plants my wonderful mother-in-law seeded for us.

DSC05353And the row of squash – Acorn and butter cup. I cannot WAIT!

DSC05355We also took the plunge and planted two raspberry bushes. I hope they produce lots and lots of beautiful ruby red berries!

DSC05356Now for the rows. Carrots, lettuce, spinach, beans and peas.

If we properly love and care for our plants, I have a feeling this is going to be a very productive season!


2 Comments on “Adventures of a First Time Box Gardener”

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