Garden Update

Summer has officially arrived in the Parkallen Home Garden. With summer comes a garden full of fresh veggies. I wanted to give you a little update on how the plants are doing so far this summer.


The strawberry plant is starting to flower nicely.

DSC05387So are the raspberries! I cannot wait to walk into the back yard and pick a handful of those beauties.

DSC05389We have a bush full of chives that are in full bloom.

DSC05392The tomato box is getting getting big and strong, and is also starting to flower.

DSC05401The cauliflower has a bulb that has started to grow.

DSC05398The pepper plant is looking nice and happy.

DSC05397And the buttercups are starting to flower as well.

DSC05396Even Hubbard is starting to grow big and strong.

DSC05399Justin added a trellis to the peas, and they are catching on quite nicely.

DSC05393The zucchinis are also flowering and starting to grow some stems.

All in all, the garden boxes were a fantastic idea. The soil is draining well, and the plants are thriving! I am getting so excited to head into the garden to collect veggies for dinner. I would say we are only a few weeks away from that! Stay tuned for more gardening adventures in our Parkallen Home Garden.


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