Shrimp Scampi with Zoodles

I found this recipe on pinterest the other day, and it just sounded so good that I had to give it a try!

DSC05497First things first is to make the zoodles – Zucchini noodles – by using a mandolin. I don’t have a mandolin, so I used a knife to cut the zucchini into very thin pieces.

DSC05498Next, peel and shell some shrimp.

DSC05499I melted some butter and minced some garlic to cook with the shrimp.

DSC05500In goes the zoodles – cook them until crispy but tender.

DSC05501Don’t overcook it, or you’ll have leathery shrimp, and no one wants that!

DSC05502Plate, and top with some dill. Yum!

Shrimp Scampi with Zoodles

You will need:

I large zucchini

10 shrimp

1 tbsp butter

3 garlic cloves

a handful of fresh dill

Using a mandolin, cut your zucchini into “zoodles.” Peel shrimp and place in pan. Melt butter and mince garlic. Cook until shrimp just turns pink. Add zoodles. Cook until tender, but still a little crispy. Chop dill and serve on top of dish. Enjoy!


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