Garden Harvest 2014


We were very fortunate to have a great harvest this year. The garden boxes did wonders at keeping the moisture under control in the yard.  DSCN0152

Here was our yield from when we did the full harvest a few weeks ago. DSCN0153

We got a total of 4 squash: 2 buttercup, 1 acorn and 1 hubbard (That’s right! Hubbard survived!!)


The heritage tomato plants my mother-in-law seeded for us produced amazing, bulbous, pink tomatoes that were so sweet and beautiful.  DSCN0157

We also grew a decent stack of fresh carrots as well. DSCN0158

A lot of the tomatoes were not red yet when we picked them, so we let them ripen under a tea towel on the counter. DSCN0161

We had tons of cherry tomatoes as well, and one solitary September strawberry. Beautiful!DSCN0162

We also grew a mammoth zucchini. Any suggestions on what to do with such a beast?DSCN0164

Here are some more beautiful heritage tomatoes. DSCN0168We also snipped all of the mint leaves, so that we can dry them and make tea throughout the winter. It works wonders for colds and just sipping on a chilly evening.

All in all, we had a great gardening year! I can’t wait to expand next year and grow more goodies!


2 Comments on “Garden Harvest 2014”

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