Creamy Pesto and Shrimp Linguine


I wanted to make something a little different (and fancy) for dinner this week, so I opted for a nice pesto shrimp linguine. This one was a hit!IMG_1737

Start off by thawing some frozen shrimp in a bowl of hot water. IMG_1738

Then, dice and saute some onions in a little olive oil.  IMG_1739

Add your peas and corn and continue to cook, on low for 2-3 mins. IMG_1740

Add your pesto and milk, and let boil off for a few minutes, until sauce begins to thicken. IMG_1741When sauce is thick, add your shrimp and cook until just pink.

IMG_1742Add to linguine and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. enjoy!

Creamy Pesto and Shrimp Linguine

You will need:

1 lb uncooked shrimp

1 medium onion

1 can sweet corn kernels

1 cup frozen peas

2 tbsp Italian basil pesto

3/4 cup milk

Enough linguine for 2 people

Parmesan cheese, to taste

Start off by thawing your shrimp in a bowl of hot water. Once thawed, peel, removing tails and shells. Set aside. Dice onion and add to a saucepan with a a drop of olive oil. Saute on medium-low heat until slightly browned. Add peas and corn and cook on low for 2-3 minutes. In a medium pot, start boiling your water for the pasta. Add the pesto and let melt in saucepan with onion, peas and corn before adding milk. Add your milk, and whisk until the pesto and milk are fully combined. Cook pasta according to package instructions. For the sauce, raise temperature to medium-high and let boil until sauce begins to thicken. Once the sauce reaches the desired thickness, add shrimp and cook, turning once, until the shrimp is pink. Serve on top of linguine, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Enjoy!


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