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About me

My name is Jacquie Lycka and I live in Parkallen, a rockin’, locally-minded community in the Heart of Edmonton, Alberta. I am a local food advocate, who strives to cook with local ingredients as often as possible. On my blog, you will find recipes that incorporate my favourite local products from across the province. Welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy my culinary adventures in my 1950s Parkallen Home Kitchen.

About my blog

My writing style is informal, engaging and authentic. If I’ve modified a portion of the recipe, I say so, and explain why. I write as if I am explaining a recipe to my friends and family, and why I think this recipe is great. I take descriptive step-by-step photos of my recipes for an easy-to-follow read. I write for a local audience, mostly for foodies within Edmonton, and for anyone who likes challenging, interesting and bold recipes that incorporate non-traditional ingredients.


  • I average 2345 views a month.
  • Alexa Rank: 8,674,693
  • Followers/email subscribers: 33

Social Media

  • Number of Twitter followers: 1098
  • Number of “likes” for your blog Facebook page (created just today): 61
  • Number of Pinterest followers: 86


Jacquie Lycka



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