Baked Bacon and Egg Cups

Another sick day gives me more time to post old entries on the ol’ blog. and watch a lot of TV. (I think I watched almost 6 hrs of TV today. Whoa!)

I made these on the weekend for Justin and I. They were a nice take on the classic breakfast staple of bacon and eggs.

First things first, cut out a toast circle using a cookie cutter (or in our case, a shot class), for the cup base.

Then place the toast bits in the bottom of a muffin tin.

Fry up some bacon in a pan until its still soft, then line the cups with the bacon strips.

Crack eggs into the middle of the cups. You can season with salt, pepper and whichever seasoning you like (we left it plain and it was still delicious!)

Tada!! These are a genius easy breakfast creation! Enjoy!

As you can tell, Justin liked them quite a bit as well! 🙂

Jacquie’s Tasty Bacon and Egg Cups (Courtesy of Kirbie’s Cravings)


  • 4 slices of bacon 2 slices of bread 4 eggs salt and pepper to taste


Using the top of a round glass that has an opening slightly bigger than a muffin mold, about 3.5 inches, cut circles from bread. You should be able to cut two circles per slice of bread.

Grease four muffin molds. Place the bread on the bottom of each muffin mold. Preheat the oven to 400F.

Cook bacon slices in a pan about 3 minutes or until halfway cooked. Place bacon slices around the edges of the muffin tin. To help them stay, you might want to tuck the ends underneath the slices of bread.

Crack an egg and put in the middle of each muffin mold. You may want to leave out some of the egg white so that the yolk doesn’t overcook while waiting for the egg white to cook.

Place muffin molds in the oven and cook for about 12-15 minutes until eggs are cooked to your liking and bacon is crisp. I like to leave the egg yolk a little runny.

Use a knife around the edges to help lift cups from the muffin mold. Season with salt and pepper and serve while hot.


Classic – Eggies in a Basket

Welcome to my first recipe post! – Ouh, this is getting exciting!

This morning, I woke up wanting to make something special, rather than the regular, run-of-the-mill cereal for breakfast as usual. This was because last night, Justin and I celebrated our 4-year anniversary. It was a lot of fun! We went out to the Keg and ate A LOT. (Merci encore a grand-mama, grand-papa et MaTant Diane pour les certificat cadeaux!) Continuing on the celebratory tasty food indulgences, and focusing on the local foodie ingredients I had in the fridge this morning, I decided to make my family’s classic “special” breakfast dish – eggies in a basket.

You may begin to notice a pattern with me – I don’t follow any strict recipes. As the great Chef Michael Smith says: “Let your ingredients be your inspiration.” And that’s exactly that I did! I found some delicious multi grain Gramma Bear’s Bread from the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market in the freezer, some free range local eggs (also from OSFM) in the fridge, and went to work! Begin by cutting a hole in the toast with a cookie cutter (we used heart shaped ones, to continue with the theme from last night), then butter the outisdes of the hole with margarine or butter. Then crack the egg in the middle, sprinkle with a little salt, pepper (or in my case, garlic powder… hmmm… garlic!!), let cook a bit, then flip it over! Meanwhile, let the little heart shape toast bits brown up beside the eggies.

I served them with some strawberries (unfortunately not local), but any local fruit works!